$300,000 lost (real money) through destruction of in-game ships

Eve online has been going 10 years, recently a battle took place which was so large, with such carnage the equivelent value in real world money was 300,000 to 500,000 dollars, that’s right. Over a 100 titan ships were which are worth roughly 3000 dollars a piece.

The reason they have real world value is, items can be earned in game through time spent and tasks achieved, or gotten more quickly through using real world money to buy upgrades.

Obviously, not everyone lost money, but the replacement value was as stated. The battle took place because of an in game dispute over a payment not being settled…think it’s time I go join eve for a slice of the action, check these out:-

eve-online-space-battle-cost-300dollars eve-online-space-battle-cost-300kdollars

I’m not currently in game development, but I think it’s a good time to produce games, with an estimated 15 billion a year in revenue available just for tablets and phones, that’s a huge chunk of money. Hopefully I’ll be launching my first game this year, so watch this space.