Who We Are?


David Hazelden at his Desk

Hi, my name is David Hazelden I’m the sole Director of Ecommerce Sussex LTD, a Brighton based Web Technology Firm. My company specialises in designing, building and maintaining Small Business Websites, from simple 5 page websites, up to 5000 product Ecommerce Shops or bespoke Web Applications such as Auction Sites and Server Administration Plugins.

We provide Business Website Design packages, specialising in WordPress (even Plugin Development) and Drupal. Our Web Hosting runs entirely on our own infrastructure which has been up and running for nearly 7 years now with minimal changes. Cloud is the buzz word that’s been flying around for a couple of years, but our Hosting Instances have been running on scalable cloud instances for about 5 years now, and have shown great uptime with 99.99% being our current record, that’s not to say we don’t get the odd problems, but we always sort it out, and our customers generally are very happy with the service we provide.

As extras, we provide Domain Registration and SSL Certificates to our customers, and if you need your own bespoke setup including Dedicated or Virtual Private Servers, that’s not a problem either. I’m passionate about technology, and generally speaking there’s nothing myself or my company can accomplish with a little research and time, and we’re proud of that.

A little History

My company has a fair amount of history, originally started as Neostorm, I was developing an online space game back in 2001. >>> Check this out using the Way Back Machine

Anyways, I never had the .com due to some squatter, and eventually I got sidetracked by working at Newsquest Media in their dispatch area for 5 years, during which time I didn’t really develop my company, which is a shame because, I was developing socials sites like Facebook around 2002, which had user photo galleries, favourite links and messaging, sadly I didn’t see it through. During this time though, I’ve always done website development, and run my own hosting services.

About 6 years ago, I gave this another go, but due to work commitments I never managed to make this into a full time job. My dear friend Christopher Penton decided to get involved for a couple of years, and we did okay under the banner of CP Systems, following by Sussex Hosting Solutions, after a few friendly disagreements, we went our seperate ways, focusing on what we do best. We’re still good friends, how many people can say that after a few years in business then splitting again. I will say, if you need computer repair services, there’s no other man who knows his Windows Machines and Networks than Chris, and he’s even got me out of a few scrapes from time to time.

Finally the company has ended up as Ecommerce Sussex LTD. Under which I have every plan to carry on Web Development for Local Businesses, which is something I’ve done well for many years, and I’m sure some of my customers who’ve been with me for over 10 years, will agree about.

Our Official Domain Names

http://ecommerce-sussex.com | http://ecommerce-sussex.tk | http://ecommercesussex.co.uk | http://ecommercesussex.com | http://sussex-ecommerce.co.uk | http://sussex-ecommerce.com | http://sussexecommerce.com | http://ecommerce-brighton.co.uk | http://ecommerce-brighton.com | http://ecommerce-sussex.com | http://website-design-brighton.co.uk | http://website-design-brighton.com