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I still don’t understand it, well I do (because it’s easy and common place)..but businesses are still relying on email delivery of important documents and then complaining when recepients dont’ receive them. Email isn’t reliable, that’s not just our service, that’s across the entire web. Did you know, a typical email marketing campaign will only reach 40% of the people it’s sent to, and out of those 40%, about 2-5% will actually click on picture or document.

As an alternative, use a File Sending Service, which saves the file with a Bespoke Link so the other user can download the file at their descretion, rather than getting bombarded with large attachments, which, despite the latest broadband technology, it still ticks me off having to wait for a 20Mb file to download via IMAP. Instead, you could of just sent them the link, so they could download when it was convenient to them, if not at all.

FREE for Ecommerce Sussex customers, I present to you…