Over the last couple of years, the amount of Denial of Service, Website Defacing and Automated attacks on all sites (not just wordpress) has increased exponentially, and WordPress being the most popular content management system on the internet often gets targeted heavily. So if you’re site keeps getting hacked, and you need help identifying why, we protect all our customers as standard when they take out hosting with us, if you move your WordPress hosting to our servers, we’ll secure your site as part of the process free of charge, and monitor it for attacks daily.

Free WordPress Security Lockdown Hardening

For all Business Hosting Customers, we offer a WordPress Website Monitoring and Security lockdown service free of charge.
And in the event of an attack we will restore your site to it’s working condition based on previous full website and mysql backups we have available.

More Info on Hardening WordPress can be found here:-


Our approach involves:-

  • Migration to Cloudlinux (all our hosting is)
  • CXS Exploit Scanner Actively preventing Script Drops
  • Installation of HTAccess Broad Defensive HTAccess Rules
  • Installation of Various WP Security Plugins
  • Email Notifications of Attacks get sent to us as Tickets and we monitor attacks closely.