IBM Keyboard – SK-8840 – Strange Characters / Numbers When Typing

If you own an SK-8840 (Rack Mount) and are trying to work out why when you’re typing, strange numbers or symbols are coming up, it has different layouts or modes.

IN SHORT: Press Shift + Numlock Keys to change to turn off the Numpad overlay.

More Info (taken from IBM Website):

The SK8840 is an 87 key keyboard, very similar (and well designed imo) to the one used on Thinkpads, but it sadly does not include a numeric keypad.

The HMC enables the standard Linux® keymap for this keyboard. This includes an overlay of a numeric keypad over the right side of the keyboard. When the overlay is active, keys such as u, i, and o have the same function as the 7, 8, and 9 keys of a numeric keypad. Depending on the shift mode, they can act as cursor keys or numeric digits. A third mode enables mouse movement. If the overlay mode is enabled by accident, the user might not be able to log on the HMC. For example, an attempt to type hscroot will appear as hsc with the o moving the cursor.

To exit this mode, press the Shift + Numlock keys. For further information, refer to the manual included with the 7316. The manual is on a CD with part number 73P3140 and a title of PS/2 Travel Keyboard with UltraNav, Version 1.0.