• The Border Collie Company

    Ecommerce Sussex LTD have been helping The Border Collie Company (maker of Logan Whistles) with their new Opencart Website, whilst we didn’t design it, we helped with a whole bunch of technical issues, including fixing errors on Webmaster Tools, listing their products on Google Shopping, basic SEO theme settings, and redirecting traffic from their old […]

  • British Summertime Supplement – Half Page – Chestnuts Riding School

    Just finished designing a half page advert for the Chestnuts Riding School to be included in the British Summertime Supplement which is available all over Sussex. It should be release mid July 2014.

  • Friday Ad Design – Quarter Page – Chestnuts Riding School

    Ecommerce Sussex LTD has designed an advert for the Chestnuts Riding School for the local Brighton Friday-Ad edition, which is out on the 10th July 2014.

  • Opencart – Free Myhermes Module

    It’s only basic, and doesn’t support insurance yet, but if you use their cheapest rates for low cost items you wouldn’t send them insured anyway, might add insurance features to a follow up pro version if the free one has a lot of downloads.    

  • Ecommerce Sussex LTD – Custom Email Template Header and Footer

    New Email Template header and Footer for Ecommerce Sussex LTD for 2014. For users on Business Hosting plans, we’re happy to setup a single template across

  • Opencart – Automatic Product Pricing Module

    This module works with Openbay Pro. It reduces the chore of adding products to your Opencart site to about a minute a product. All you need to do is input the title, details, cost price, weights and actual stock you hold for variants , and this module does the rest for all variants by copying […]

  • WHMCS – Invoice by Post Plugin – Built 2014

    Overdue Invoices can be sent out by post through our 3rd party provider automatically. More Information soon.

  • Opencart – MyHermes Shipping Module

    Basic myhermes module, doesn’t support insurance yet, but if enough interest will add. http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&token=3e3db1a3a12440d0f7df5c44c19bc780&extension_id=16304 Enjoy! Dave

  • DialmStudio.com – Built 2011

    Custom HTML, CSS, Jquery to showcase the companies film projects and trailers. The site also has video content, each video with WebM, MP4, OGG versions. The aim was to animate the site using Jquery rather than using flash type technologies available at the time. You can check it out here:- http://dialmstudio.com

  • Amershamacappella.com – Built 2009

    With the increase in popularity of WordPress, this was one of our first moves away from Drupal 6 for quality content driven websites also allowing editing of the content by the end user. Some plugins used were:- Easy Random Quotes, Embed Facebook, Fast Secure Contact Form, HL Twitter, NextGEN Gallery, W3 Total Cache, WP YouTube […]

  • Free Map of Motorcycle Bays in Brighton & Hove

    I was looking for a map of the motorcycle bays in Brighton & Hove, and whilst I found a list from the council, unless you know all the road names, it’s of little use. So I got to work plotting the 2-300 locations onto a Map for everyone to use. Keep in mind, the locations […]

  • Orderequine.co.uk – Nearing Launch

    Order Equine runs the latest version of Opencart. It has a responsive theme, combined with OpenStock and a Variant plugin, it allows rapid deployment of products to various online Marketplaces such as Ebay, Amazon, Play and hopefully more as they become popular. http://orderequine.co.uk

  • http://ponydays.co.uk – Built 2013

    The Pony Days website was an advertising campaign website for The Chestnuts Riding School We built a 2m x 1m Wooden Sign, dug the holes, and installed it in full view of 80,000 cars a day. The website was only advertised on the sign and facebook, since it’s gone up, we’ve had over 200 unique […]

  • Chestnuts Riding School – 2002 to Present

    We’ve been developing the Chestnuts Riding School website since 2002, originally static HTML4, now running a Drupal Content Management System which was setup about 4 years ago. At the time, the features were state of the art, and there was nothing but praise for the website, it was ahead of its time for the horse […]

  • Onlinetradevehicles.co.uk – Built 2013

    http://onlinetradevehicles.co.uk We inherited this Project from another developer, who had spent 9 months on it, the sum total of the work was rather little, approximately 250 lines of custom code that we could find, it wasn’t even coded, they were trying to modify a complex system just using javascript and a few php calls.who was […]

  • Superhero Haven – Built 2012

    Built rapidly in 2012 using Opencart, has Card Payment Processing and some Custom Modifications. We beat our competitors quote by over 1/2 on this one.