– Built 2013

We inherited this Project from another developer, who had spent 9 months on it, the sum total of the work was rather little, approximately 250 lines of custom code that we could find, it wasn’t even coded, they were trying to modify a complex system just using javascript and a few php calls.who was outsourcing it to another country, charging my customer a fortune and simply not delivering what he was asking for.

From a technical standpoint, this project is quite complicated, it’s actually 3x different systems merged into harmony. The site has approximately 700,000 lines of code from the Login and User Management System, Javascript Files, Invoice and Payment System. I would say, this has been one of our biggest projects.

Points of Interest:-

  • Heavy Core CMS Modifications
  • Custom Auction Bidding System
  • Custom Email Templates & Graphics
  • Custom Template Modifications
  • Custom Newsletter System
  • Custom 3rd Party Email Delivery
  • Custom Invoice System Integration
  • Custom Payment System
  • Custom Backend Modifications