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LAN (wired network) stuck on Identifying Network…are you running Virtual Box as well?

Had a weird one yesterday that stumped me. For the life of me, I couldn’t connect to my second sub network in my house, which has my private server lab in it. Whenever I plugged/unplugged the cable, DHCP wouldn’t work. Static IP set didn’t work either. I would get a message next to the adapter […]

Slow SolusVM Xen Dom0 Network Speed Fixes

Slow SolusVM Xen Dom0 Network Speed Fixes

If you use Solusvm and Xen on a Centos installation, you may not even notice that by default the “peth0” which is the physical ethernet cable can actually default to Half Duplex, but it’s relatively easy to fix with just a few command. Centos Commands Bash Commands (run them on Dom0): The physical port is […]